videxio cloud based professional video conferencing products

C21 Video is a Reseller for Videxio and can supply, install and support their range of Cloud based professional video conferencing products.

These provide security Cloud based services and features such as Firewall Traversal, Authentication, Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR) as well as Desktop & Mobile clients for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. Please see the network diagram below. 

videxio cloud based video conferencing network diagram

Videxio for Video Units

Videxio for Video Units provides a dedicated subscription plan for each of your video conferencing systems, enabling authentication and secure firewall traversal removing the need to support and invest in your own video infrastructure.

  • Your videoconferencing system joins the Videxio cloud service through your local internet connection with dedicated capacity and assured quality.
  • Unlimited video calling on a dedicated global network
  • Integrate your videoconferencing hardware into Skype for Business workflows (Premium)
  • Plug 'n' play activation
  • Enable two-way calling from behind your corporate firewall
  • Compatible with Polycom, Cisco, Huawei and other video conferencing endpoints

Videxio for Video Units - Videxio Endpoint License
Videxio for Video Units - Std: Standard Def up to 768 Kbps  on annual plan P/N: 1010-0100
Videxio for Video Units - Plus: HD 720p up to 1.5 Mbps on annual plan P/N: 1020-0100
Videxio for Video Units - Premium: HD 1080p up to 3.0 Mbps on annual plan P/N: 1030-0100

Videxio Teams

Videxio Teams provides the Cloud based Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR); with each VMR licensed separately and supporting up to 50 participants. Simple, reliable, professional video meetings from anywhere, for any team or department to give true collaboration.

  • Professional videoconferencing for businesses of any size
  • No large upfront cost
  • Easy to scale, buy as many licenses as you need
  • Cloud service makes it easy to add video to your exsiting workflows
  • Flexible monthly or annual subscriptions

Videxio Teams - Videxio Enterprise User License
Videxio Teams (1-9 licenses) on annual subscription plan P/N: 5105-0100

Videxio Enterprise

Videxio Enterprise provides the Cloud based Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR); with each VMR supporting up to 50 participants, for everyone in the organisation. Videxio Enterprise makes it really easy to implement and scale a complete enterprise video communication strategy across your entire organisation.

  • Enables professional videoconferencing for the whole organisation
  • No large upfront cost
  • Annual prepay options of 1, 2 or 3 years offer large reduction in cost per license
  • Cloud service makes it easy to add video to your existing workflows

Videxio Enterprise User License
Videxio Enterprise (for companies with up to 50 employees) on annual subscription plan P/N: 5510-0501

Videxio My Meeting Video

Videxio My Meeeting Video is the free Videxio Videoconferencing software application for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices and included with your Videxio Teams or Enterprise Subscription Plan. My Meeting Video allows you to call into your video meetings on the device that’s most convenient to you at the time, so you can always access your service, wherever business has taken you today.

  • Videoconferencing app for desktop, mobile, web + conference rooms
  • Join and host video meetings and calls from anywhere
  • Access your service on all your devices
  • Manage and schedule meetings on the go
  • “One tap to join” for video meetings with Meeting Room Mode

Videxio My Meeting Video videoconferencing software
Videxio My Meeting Video (free with Videxio Teams or Enterprise)