Consultancy, Supply, Installation, Training and Support

Consultancy, Supply, Installation, Training and Support

If you Consult and Collaborate using Microsoft Teams based Video Conferencing, you can share the issues and find the solutions, quicker.

And TeamsConference can help you. Our mission is to bring together the best-of-class computing technologies and skills to enable people who are geographically separated to work together.

With more experience than most, our aim is to partner customers in their business and add value to their hardware and software investment by offering the best solutions for groups that work apart.

We can provide a full consultancy service. Typical topics for discussion are:

  • Home working with business quality (and secure) video conferencing
  • Interoperability between Microsoft Teams and standards based H.323 or SIP users
  • What you want to achieve and what are your objectives?
  • Who you want to conference with and will this include Microsoft Skype for Business users?
  • How you want and can connect; what specific devices you want to use or if you want to bring your own (BYOD)
  • How and who will manage the equipment?
  • Whether to use a Cloud solution or have your own on-premise equipment
  • How to provide security and resolve any firewall issues
  • The impact of the forthcoming General Data Projection Regulations (GDPR)

After which we can provide an appropriate review and advice to enable you to derive maximum potential from your investment in video and collaborative tools. In most cases, we can provide a demonstration of the technologies and solutions.

We can supply the appropriate hardware and software to get you collaborating with your suppliers, developers, customers etc using  the latest videoconferencing and collaboration systems.

We can install and commission the equipment at your sites, then train (and continue to train) your staff on how to maintain, use and get the most from the systems.

Finally, when all is working, we continue to support you with software updates and maintenance services, including system checks.

For an informal discussion as to how we can help your organisation benefit from this technology, please call
Tel: +44 (0) 1524 259020 or email: Consultancy & Training.