VC Mobile Software for iOS & Android

Yealink Video Conferencing Systems

HD Video Collaboration Software Application for both iOS and Android

Yealink VC Mobile for iOS® and Android® is the latest addition to Yealink’s innovative One-stop Video Conferencing Solution, mainly for the people who work in the office, in business travel or at home and who use a Smartphone or Tablet. Yealink VC Mobile is a high-quality, best-in-class high definition (HD) video collaboration 'APP'.  

Yealink VC Mobile is compatible iOS® 8.0 and Android® 4.4 or later versions. With superior bandwidth adaptability and up to 30% video packet loss resistance, smooth video conferencing is virtually guaranteed. Yealink VC Mobile is without question an ideal solution offering first class video conferencing and collaboration for mobile users.

Yealink VC Mobile software for iOS and Android devices

Key Features and Benefits.

Yealink Meeting Server & Yealink VC Cloud Management Service
When registered with either Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) and Yealink VC Cloud Management Service (VCMS), there's no need to mess around with settings before Yealink VC Mobile enables you to have a HD video conferencing by simply dialing Cloud number whenever and wherever you like.

Full HD video and content sharing
Yealink VC Mobile offers 1080p HD streaming video and 1080p content sharing (decode) to ensure an efficient and smooth communications.

H.323/SIP dual-protocol support
Yealink VC Mobile features broad interoperability with H.323/SIP dual-protocol support. As a result, Yealink VC Mobile is compatible with other mainstream video conferencing equipment and other communication devices.

Excellent network adaptability
Yealink VC Mobile has excellent network adaptability, wherever and whenever you have a video collaboration, under any network environment. Yealink VC Mobile supports multiple network traversal modes for greater adaptability, including network address translation (NAT), H.460, Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN), Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) and Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE). In addition, its bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment feature guarantees superb video conferencing experiences, even under 3G or 4G network conditions. 

Excellent video algorithm
Compared with the old coding technology, H.264 high profile could help you save up to 50% bandwidth and allows you to enjoy the HD video conferencing over any network. Thanks to its superb algorithm and its ability of 30% video packet loss resistance, it offers you a high image quality even under poor network conditions. 

Yealink VC Mobile is supported on both iOS and Android Devices:

  • iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3 and above, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and above using iOS 8.0 or later 
  • Android Smartphones, Android Tablets using Android 4.4 or later

Product Highlights

  • Single User License - software only
  • H.323 and SIP conferencing to 2000 kbps (WLAN & 3G/4G)
  • Video: Transmit up to 720p30 (1280x720) and Receive up to 1080p30 (1920x1280)
  • Video Codecs: H.264 High Profile, H.264,  H.263
  • Audio Codecs: G.722.1C, G.722.1, G.722, G.711μ, G.711a, Opus 48kHz
  • HD Content sharing: H.329 (H.323) and BFCP (SIP). Receive up to HD 1080p15 (1920x1280)
  • Full motion 720p video at 30fps from 1024 kbps
  • Supports switching between front and rear cameras
  • Asymmetric call speed
  • Dialling Capabilities: DNS alias, E.164 extension, IP Address, H.323 Gatekeeper, SIP URI
  • Supports Local Contacts, Cloud Cantacts and All, Missed, Received, Dialed calling
  • Supports DTMF
  • Supports Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Supports Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generator (CNG) & Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
  • Supports Yealink Noise Block Technology
  • Supports far-end camera control
  • Supports H.323 Gatekeeper and SIP Account
  • Supports SRTP, TLS, H.235 and AES (128-bit) encryption
  • Supports NAT, ICE, TURN, STUN & H.460 giving secure firewall traversal
  • Can be Authenicated by either Yealink Video Cloud Management Service (VCMS) or Yealink Meeting Server (YMS)
  • Download Yealink VC Mobile datasheet