Osprey-800a:- Audio Expansion Option for Osprey 800e Series Video Capture Cards


The Osprey 800a audio input card provides increased flexibility with up to four stereo channels of audio. Designed to work with most of the Osprey 800 series cards, simply attach it to an Osprey 815e, 820e, 825e or 845e for improved audio performance. This audio input card also offers additional external audio inputs such as balanced, unbalanced, AES/EBU and SPDIF.

With up to four stereo channels of audio, the Osprey 800a now provides greater flexibility for input audio signals. Two stereo channels of balanced audio are always available. Plus, you can configure two additional stereo channels as either unbalanced, AES/EBU, or SPDIF.

The 800a can be purchased with an 800e Series capture card, or as a separate item to expand your existing product. It connects directly to the 800e Series requiring no PCIe connection of its own

Product Highlights

  • Audio Expansion Card for Osprey 800e series video capture cards 
  • PCI Express (x1) card for mechanical stability only. No bus connection 
  • 1x 9-pin DIN and 1x HD15 input connectors on card edge 
  • Included in box: 
    • 9-pin DIN to RCA/XLR breakout cable
    • HD15 to RCA/XLR breakout cable
    • Osprey 800 board to board cable 
  • Support for Osprey-800a is already included in the Osprey 800e series, no additional drivers need installing 
  • Includes low-profile card edge bracket

P/N: 95-00490.

System Requirements:

  • Support for the 800a is already included in the drivers for the 800e series capture card. 
  • Free PCI Express (x1) slot
  • Download Osprey-800a datasheet

Audio Inputs and Connectors:

  • Balanced analogue audio (2 stereo pairs, 4x XLR) always available
  • Two additional pairs from list below:
    • AES digital audio (2 stereo pair, 2x XLR) 
    • SPDIF digital audio (2 stereo pair, 2x RCA) 
    • Unbalanced analogue audio ( 2 stereo pair, 4x RCA) 


  • Low-profile PCIe board
  • 6.60" (16.77cm) long x 2.71" (6.88cm) high