Osprey Video Capture Cards

Osprey-460e:- PCIe 4 Channel Analogue Video Capture with Stereo Audio and Expansion Options


The latest addition to the Osprey Video PCI Express family of capture cards, the Osprey-460e 4-channel professional analogue video capture card joins the Osprey-700e HD high definition digital capture card. The Osprey-460e has been designed to simultaneously capture four individual channels of analogue video and unbalanced audio and process them independently, minimising internal PC space requirements. The extra channel density offered by the Osprey-460e increases the capture capacity whilst reducing the total cost within a single PC system.

The Osprey-460e uses the compact 1-lane PCI Express interface for a broad range of motherboard support by providing compatibility with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCI Express slots. PC manufacturers have adopted the PCI Express bus as the latest high-throughput internal bus architecture. The best PC graphics cards use this bus because it unleashes the power of modern multi-core PC engines - Osprey chose the PCI Express bus for the Osprey-460e for the same reasons.

The Osprey-460e supports an expansion option that provides additional internal video inputs and 4 additional balanced audio inputs. The internal video inputs include the selection of Component or Y/C (S-Video) for each of the 4 channels.

Product Highlights

  • Professional analogue audio/video capture 
  • PCI Express (x1) card
  • Supports Adobe Flash, Windows (Silverlight), 3GPP or H.264 formats
  • 4 Composite video inputs (BNC) on card edge
  • Breakout Cable for unbalanced audio inputs
  • Multiple Osprey-460e cards per PC chassis
  • Hardware audio gain control
  • Logo/Bitmap Overlay
  • Scaling, cropping, de-interlacing and inverse telecine
  • Closed-caption extraction/rendering 
  • Loss of video automatic test pattern generation with text overlay option
  • Microsoft DirectShow API

Osprey-460e PCIe 4 Channel Analogue Video Capture with Stereo Audio

P/N: 95-00471.

System Requirements:

  • Multicore Processors are recommended to run video applications 
  • 32 bit: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10; latest drivers
  • 64 bit: Server 2008 Enterprise R2, Server 2012 Standard, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10; latest drivers
  • Linux
  • Free PCI Express (x1) slot - compatible with x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCIe slots
  • Download Osprey-460e datasheet

Video Inputs and Connectors:

  • 4 x Composite (BNC x 4) on card edge
  • Additional 12 Composite (BNC x 12) via internal expansion option
  • Additional 12 Composite (BNC x 12) via internal expansion option
  • 4 x Component (BNC x 12) via internal expansion option

Video Input Formats:


Osprey-460e breakout cable with RCA audio inputs

Audio Inputs and Connectors:

  • 4 x Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA per channel) inputs via breakout cable
  • 4 x Balanced stereo inputs via internal expansion option