Polycom® RealPresence® Group 310

Polycom Video Conferencing devices

With the innovative EagleEye Acoustic camera sets a new standard for high quality video

Optimized for smaller groups, the Polycom RealPresence Group 310 solution is ideal for small meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and offices. It features simple setup and configuration, and a compact, sleek design that is easily hidden out of sight, keeping your rooms clutter-free.

Polycom’s unique interoperable SVC architecture is the first to provide video calling between both existing video systems and new SVC systems. This unique approach delivers unmatched investment protection and avoids “video islands” that lock you into only calling other like systems.

Other innovative features include Constant Clarity; a set of industry-leading audio technology that dramatically improves the sense of realism.  

Polycom RealPresence Group 310

Available RealPresence Group 310 base systems - then add options
  • Group 310-720 with EagleEye IV (black 4x) camera and microphone array
  • Group 310-720 with EagleEye Acoustic camera with built-in microphones
  • Product Highlights

    • Includes EagleEye IV or EagleEye Acoustic camera, codec, cables, microphone array (only with EagleEye IV) & remote
    • 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60fps, 1080p from 1740 Kbps (with EagleEye IV camera and 1080p option)
      1920 x 1080 resolution at 30fps, 1080p from 1024 Kbps (with 1080p option)
      1280 x 720 resolution at 60fps, 720p from 832 Kbps
      1280 x 720 resolution at 30fps, 720p from 512 Kbps
      704 x 576 (4CIF)/704 x 480 (4SIF) at 60fps (480p) from 512 Kbps
      704 x 576 (4CIF)/704 x 480 (4SIF) at 30fps (480p) from 128 Kbps
    • Video Standards & Protocols: H.264 AVC, H.264 High Profile, H.264 SVC, RTV, H.263, H.261, H.239/People+Content IP
    • H.264 and H.263 Video Error Concealment
    • Content Video:
      Input: HD (1920x1080), WSXGA+ (1680x1050), UXGA (1600x1200), SXGA (1280x1024),
      WXGA (1280x768), 720p (1280x720), XGA (1024x768), SVGA (800x600)
      Output: HD (1920x1080), WSXGA+ (1680x1050), SXGA+ (1400x1050), SXGA (1280x1024),
      720p (1280x720), XGA (1024x768), VGA (640x480)
    • EagleEye IV camera (black): 1920x1080 60/50 with 4x optical zoom, 65o field of view
    • EagleEye Acoustic camera: 1920x1080 30/25 with 2x digital zoom, 67o field of view, internal stereo microphones
    • Constant Clarity technology includes StereoSurround, AGC, ANS, Lost Packet Recovery (LPR), keyboard noise reduction
    • Highest quality audio in 22 kHz stereo with Siren 22 or AAC-LD (TIP calls)
    • Also supports G.722.1 Annex C (Siren 14), G.722.1, G.722, G.711, G.728, G.729A
    • H.323 up to 3 Mbps
    • SIP up to 3 Mbps
    • Main monitor output via HDMI connection (video with embedded audio); optional second HDMI output (via license key)
    • Includes H.239 via People+Content IP software data sharing
    • Includes H.239 People+Content (via HDMI/VGA input)
    • Supports Polycom microphone array (1x included with EagleEye IV) - up to 2 array's via 1x microphone input
    • Supports the ITU H.460 NAT/Firewall Traversal standard
    • Supports Polycom ISDN Gateway for H.320 calling
    • Supports Polycom EagleEye Producer (with EagleEye III or EagleEye IV camera)
    • Supports Polycom RealPresence Touch Control
    • Supports SoundStation IP 7000 Integration
    • Supports SoundStructure Integration
    • Web based system management
    • Connectivity: 10/100/1G ethernet
    • Optional Microsoft RTV integration with Skype for Business 2015 or Lync 2013
    • Optional Cisco TIP integration
    • Supports AES (256 bit) and FIPS 140-2 encryption
    • Download RealPresence Group 310 datasheet