Polycom® ISDN Gateway™

Polycom Video Conferencing Infrastructure

H.320 ISDN Gateway for the RealPresence Group series 

Polycom H.320 ISDN Gateway Setup Diagram

With the Polycom® ISDN Gateway™, you can use any Polycom RealPresence Group system to make secure H.320 standards compliant videoconferencing calls over an ISDN connection.  

Polycom H.320 ISDN Gateway for RealPresence Group series

On the WAN side, the Polycom ISDN Gateway connects to your H.320 network whilst on the LAN side it creates a secure IP connection to your RealPresence Group systems. This allows you to keep your RealPresence Group systems connected to the IP network; avoiding bringing the the ISDN connection directly to your videoconferencing system.

Hence, the ISDN Gateway can be used by up to 4 RealPresence Group systems as a shared resource over the LAN.

The Polycom ISDN Gateway transcodes transparently to users between H.320 and H.323, so they can securely meet over video without having to worry about network protocols or other connectivity issues.

The Polycom ISDN Gateway can connect H.320 calls in several different ways, including PRI, Quad BRI and V.35. Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies wiring and cabling. Alternatively, you can use a separate power supply that's available as an optional extra. 

Product Highlights

  • Unified gateway for multiple protocols, including ISDN PRI, QBRI, and V.35
  • Supports up to four calls over a maximum of 8B (BRI) channels
  • Supports up to eight calls (video plus audio combined) over a maximum of 23B (T1) / 30B (E1)channels at up to 1080p30 resolution
  • Can be used with a single RealPresence Group system, or as a shared resource for up to four systems
  • Provides an option to securely connect to B2B and B2C environments using the H.320 protocol for video conferencing
  • Converts the H.320 protocol to H.323 protocol and establishes a secure IP connection between the Polycom ISDN Gateway and the RealPresence Group Series systems
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE+) IEEE 802.3at 4.25-57 VDC, 600mA 
  • Download Polycom ISDN Gateway datasheet