Polycom® EagleEye™ Producer

Polycom Video Conferencing Accessories

Hands-free camera operation and usage analytics 

Locate, recognize, frame:
The Polycom EagleEye Producer changes the face of video collaboration through automatic, intimate framing of meeting participants. Utilising the latest in facial recognition technology, the system continually scans the room and seamlessly commands the movable camera to pan, tilt, and zoom, appropriately framing the users. This intelligent method of camera tracking greatly improves user experience and solves the common problem of wide angle shots that fail to immerse the participants, showing true expressions and understanding.

Save, analyse, report:
With EagleEye Producer, you can download powerful analytical data. During each session, the system will produce data listing the number of participants at the beginning, middle, and end of the call. This information can be used in planning and monitoring usage. 

Polycom EagleEye Producer ofr RealPresence Group series

Product Highlights

  • Package includes:
    - Polycom EagleEye Producer (EagleEye III P/N 2215-69777-102) or (EagleEye IV P/N 2215-69791-102)
    - Power supply
    - Necessary cables for Polycom EagleEye III or EagleEye IV camera
  • Compatible IC cameras:
    - Polycom EagleEye I, II, III
    - Polycom EagleEye IV
  • Compatible endpoints:
    - Polycom RealPresence Group Series 300, 310, 500, 700
  • Connections:
    - 1x HDCI (Out to Polycom RealPresence a Group Series)
    - 1x HDCI to HDCI to EagleEye III or 1x HDCI to Mini-HDCI to EagleEye IV
    - USB for local upgrades
    - Power
  • Recommended room size:
    - Participants should be within 19.6 ft / 6m of EagleEye Producer
    - Performance may vary in different room configurations 
  • Download Polycom EagleEye Producer datasheet