Lifesize® ICON 800™

LifesizeHD Video Conferencing

Lifesize Icon 800 - rack-mountable HD 1080p video conferencing system

The Lifesize Icon 800 delivers the ultimate communication experience to auditoriums and other large meeting spaces. Designed to radically simplify video conferencing with its intuitive “heads up” UI, six-button remote and 5" touchscreen Lifesize® Phone HD.

With the additional video inputs the Lifesize Icon 800 provides users incredible flexibility. Connect multiple video devices, such as PTZ cameras, laptops or DVRs, as well as audio devices, such as MP3 players, to the Lifesize Icon 800 and deliver an unprecedented immersive experience.

The Lifesize Icon 800 is ideal for Systems Integrators seeking a solution specifically designed to be rack-mountable with lockable rear connectors and appropriate system cooling. 

Lifesize ICON 800 HD Video Conferencing endpoint with Camera 10x and HD Phone

Available Lifesize Icon 800 systems:

  • Lifesize Icon 800, Camera 10x, Phone HD and Dual Display
  • LS-ICON800-10x-PHONEHD

    Product Highlights

    • Includes Lifesize codec, rack-mounts, Lifesize Camera 10x, Lifesize Phone HD, Remote, Power supply & Cables
    • 1920 x 1080 at 60fps, 1080p at 1.7Mbps or higher
      1920 x 1080 at 30fps, 1080p at 1.2Mbps or higher
      1280 x 720 at 60fps, 720p at 820Kbps or higher
      1280 x 720 at 30fps, 720p at 600Kbps or higher
    • Video Standard & Protocols: H.264 High Profile, H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.239 and BFCP
    • Supports H.239 Dual Stream Video: 1080p30 with 720p5 data, 720p60 with 720p5 data, 720p30 with 720p30 data
    • Lifesize Camera 10x (PTZ): 1080p60 wide-angle with 10x optical zoom, 70o field of view, Auto Focus, Auto Gain
    • Supports G.722.1 Annex C (Siren 14), G.722.1, G.722, G.711, MPEG-4 AAC-LC, MPEG-4 AAC-LD
    • H.323 & SIP: 128Kbps - 6.0Mbps via RJ-45 LAN 10/100/1000 connector
    • Supports second monitor DVI-I output (HDMI/VGA enabled)
    • Supports H.239 Data Sharing via direct DVI-I (VGA) cable to PC (Windows or MAC)
    • Supports the ITU H.460 NAT/Firewall Traversal standard
    • Web or Lifesize Cloud based system management
    • Supports LDAP directory, H.350 compliant
    • Admin and User level passwords
    • Supports H.235 (AES) encryption with strict compliance
    • Supports Lifesize Cloud integration, giving secure firewall/NAT traversal and automatic software updates

    Comparison between Lifesize Icon 600 and Icon 800 systems
    Lifesize Icon 600
    Lifesize Icon 800
    1080p60 - 1.7Mbps; 1080p30 - 1.2Mbps; 720p60 - 820Kbps; 720p30 - 600Kbps
    Max Bandwidth
    6 Mbps via RJ-45 LAN 10/100/1000
    Content Sharing
    H.239/BFCP dual video and presentation
    Number of Monitors
    2 - Primary via HDMI, Secondary via DVI-I (optional)
    2 via DVI (DVI/HDMI/VGA enabled)
    Video Inputs
    2 - Main HDMI/DVI-D enabled (HD camera),
    DVI-I (HDMI/VGA enabled)
    4 x DVI HD Video In (1080p60) DVI/HDMI/VGA enabled
    Video Outputs
    2 - Primary HDMI HD Video (1080p60),
    Secondary DVI-I (1080p60) HDMI/VGA enabled
    2 x DVI HD Video Out (1080p60) Primary & Secondary, DVI/HDMI/VGA enabled
    Audio Inputs
    4 - Mic/Line In (3.5mm), Lifesize Link (Phone HD), Embedded in HD Video In, DVI-I In
    4 - 2 x Line In balanced (Phoenix), Lifesize Link (Phone HD),
    4 x Embedded in HDMI Video In
    Audio Outputs
    4 - Line Out (3.5mm), Lifesize Link (Phone HD), Embedded in HD Video Out, DVI-I Out
    4 - Line Out balanced (Phoenix), Lifesize Link (Phone HD),
    2 x Embedded in HDMI Video Out
    Camera options
    Lifesize Camera 10x
    Microphone options
    Lifesize Phone HD (up to two Digital MicPods - optional)
    or Lifesize Digital MicPod
    Lifesize Phone HD (up to two Digital MicPods - optional)
    Multipoint Meetings
    Seamlessly escalate from point-to-point to multiparty calls and back again via Lifesize Cloud
    365 mm (W), 163 mm (D), 43.8 mm (H) and 1.53 kg
    2U form. 440 mm (W), 310 mm (D), 85 mm (H) and 6.99 kg
    Icon 800