EdgeProtect™ 4550 Series

Edgewater Networkers Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Secure, high-quality, real-time video communications as a single-box solution. Supports Mobile users.

The EdgeProtect 4550 series enables SMB customers to deploy a single appliance for secure, reliable and ubiquitous video conferencing that enhances the communication experience and improves productivity.

The EdgeProtect 4550 is an enterprise session border controller (SBC) that provides a complete NAT and firewall traversal solution.

The EdgeProtect 4550 provides standards-based SIP and H.323 protocol support with SIP/H.460 far end NAT firewall traversal. The EdgeProtect 4550 supports WAN or LAN side gatekeeper configurations to ensure interoperability with networks having existing multi-vendor endpoints or gatekeeper environments, providing flexibility to choose the best service delivery technology.

Edgewater Networkers EdgeProtect 4550 Video Conferencing Infrastructure Session Border Controller

Available EdgeProtect 4550 models:

  • EdgeProtect 4550 - 5 video sessions, H.323 Gatekeeper and SIP Registrar (LAN side registrations only)
  • 4550-211-0005
  • EdgeProtect 4550 - 5 video sessions, Provisioning, Gatekeeper, SIP Registrar (WAN & LAN), NAT Traversal
  • 4550-210-0005

    Product Highlights

    • Supports up to 5 simultaneous video sessions
    • Supports up to 100 registered devices
    • Seamless connectivity for distributed users
    • Simplifies B2B and B2C communication
    • Embedded H.323 Gatekeeper or WAN/LAN side Gatekeeper support
    • SIP Registrar
    • Application Security - Registration and Call Policy
    • Access Security - Blacklist, Whitelist and Dynamic Whitelist access control
    • Resolves local NAT/Firewall Traversal issues
    • SIP/H.460 far end NAT Traversal
    • SIP header normalization for wide interoperability
    • Provisioning of Polycom® RealPresence® Desktop, Mobile & Group endpoints
    • Scalability and growth with Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco and other vendors endpoints
    • H.239 (data sharing)
    • H.224 Far-end Camera Control(FECC)
    • Multiple deployment scenarios: home office, branch office, mobile users, partners and suppliers
    • Simple to setup, configure and operate 

    Features and Specifications of the EdgeProtect 4550 models
    Embedded H.323 Gatekeeper Mode
    LAN side registration only
    LAN & WAN side registration
    LAN side Gatekeeper Mode
    Yes, but with no WAN side registration
    WAN side registration
    WAN side Gatekeeper Mode
    Forwarding proxy
    Embedded SIP Registrar
    LAN side registration only
    LAN & WAN side registration
    WAN side Registration
    Not Supported
    H.323 and SIP
    NAT Traversal
    Not Supported
    H.323 and SIP
    Polycom RealPresence Provisioning
    Not Supported
    Yes - Desktop, Mobile (iOS & Android), Group, HDX
    Access Security
    Blacklist, Whitelist
    Blacklist, Whitelist and Dynamic Whitelist
    WAN Ports
    1x 10/100 Ethernet
    LAN Ports
    4x 10/100 Ethernet (Managed VLAN Swith)
    Serial Ports
    1x RS-232
    USB Ports
    2x USB
    44.5mm (H), 233.4mm (W), 165.1mm (D)
    3 lbs (1.361 kg) with rack mounts installed, 2 lbs (0.91 kg) unit only
    12v DC @ 3.33A, external power adapter (40 watt max)
    Power Adapter
    100-240v AC - 1.1 A autosensing 50-60 Hz with 40 watt max output
    Hardware Warranty
    5 Years
    Tempertaure: 5o to 35o C; Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
    RoHS Compliant, WEEE Compliant
    CE, UL
    FCC Part 15 Class A; ICES-003: VCCI Class A; KCC, C-tick
    87,600 hours (10 years)
    EdgeProtect 4550