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The Cookies Policy of C21 Video

UK Law now requires us to get consent from you for using Cookies

Managing Cookies and your online privacy
C21 Video is committed to protecting you and any data (anonymous or otherwise) that we collect about you. This page tells you how we use cookies and why. It also tells you how you can manage what cookies are stored on your PC, laptop or other devices used to view any web site. This us our Cookies Policy.

Accepting our Cookies Policy
Our web sites make use of non-invasive cookies (no personal data) to provide you with an enhanced user experience. By continuing to use our web sites, you consent to our Cookies Policy.

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small file containing text and numbers generated by the website and passed from your browser back to our web sitewhen you revisit the site.

How and why we use Cookies
A cookie is used here to allow you to naviagte the site, login etc. Without this cookie (called a session cookie), this site would not work properly and so this has already been set.

We use a popular statistics tool called Google Analytics which uses non invasive cookies to allow us to find out how effective marketing is based on referencing how you got to our web site (search engine, direct or from another site etc).

We use an animation based rotating image which uses a cookie to know which image was last displayed so that as you move from page to page you are not seeing the same image every time.

We can also make use of third party services such as video clip players which can set cookies, for example, to enable them to know that you previously part played a video clip, or to store customised settings such as brightness or volume.

Restricting or blocking Cookies
If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set and used by any web site (including C21 Video), you should do this through the browser settings for each browser you use, on each device you use to access the Internet. Please be aware that some functions and services may not work if your browser does not accept cookies. However, you can allow cookies from selected web sites by making them Trusted sites in yout browser.