Consult and Collaborate using Videoconferencing

C21 Video, a UK based reseller of Videoconferencing and Collaborative systems

Share the issues, find the solutions, quicker

C21 Video, supplies, supports, installs and trains in the use of videoconferencing systems and associated network equipment from the leading vendors.

We are committed to quality, hence all our procedures follow guidelines set by the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Focussing specifically on videoconferencing, we are a UK based Polycom Certified Reseller, a Lifesize Authorised Partner, a Vidyo as a Service (VaaS) provider, a ClearOne (VCON) Certified Reseller and Edgewater Reseller and can supply and support their of videoconferencing endpoints and networking equipment. We are the UK Reseller for the Librestream Onsight Connect range of wireless mobile video collaboration devices.

With personnel experienced in videoconferencing from its inception, our aim is to help you select the best solution that meets your needs.

We'll explain the options including the Pros & Cons in simple English, not baffle you with science, buzz-words or acronyms.

For those who wish to familiarise themselves with videoconferencing, our web site includes technical overviews on standards, firewalls, systems and networks. We also don't expect you to know the available videoconferencing systems, so we list them by type, size, network and function.

There are many reasons for using videoconferencing not least because it's an inexpensive way to improve your companies green credentials.

Using videoconferencing can help reduce the amount of travel associated with everyday life; reducing your carbon footprint as you become environmentally friendly. It will not eliminate the need to travel, but it can reduce unnecessary journeys saving you both time and expense.

Videoconferencing can make you more productive. By allowing you to hold Ad-hoc and unscheduled meetings, you can consult more often and make decisions quicker, giving a better thought-out conclusion in less time than having to organise, schedule and attend a face-to-face meeting. The business is not idle whilst waiting for this meeting, but moves on sooner, quicker to market and with a competitive edge.

Who wants to attend a Friday morning meeting, knowing the chances are that you'll be sitting on the motorway in the afternoon instead of relaxing at home after a hard week. Use videoconferencing and reduce the amount of wasted time, frustration and stress stuck in traffic-jams.

Adopt videoconferencing from the safety and comfort of your office or home.

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